Min ramme kan repareres for ca. 2000 kroner

Posted: May 18, 2010 by nimarten in Uncategorized

Har lige fået svar fra to af verdens førende firmaer for carbon reperationer. De siger:

Yes we can repair this problem, we have restored Bianchi’s which can have a similar problem. If you have all the components and they are not damaged we can bond them back to the frame.

If you wish for us to go-ahead and do the repair, send some images of the frame and I can give you a quote and organize freight etc.



thanks for your request. It seems like the BB shell needs to be replaced. The cost for this repair is $200 and approximately $100 paint touch up. As long as the BB shell is English, our team will be able to replace it.

Make sure to remove ALL frame components and include the attached form when shipping your frame to Calfee.


Medmindre SCOTT giver mig en ny ramme, så jeg køber nok en”BB shell” fra dem, og får det lavet her i DK , sælger rammen og tjener lidt.

Så blev vi allesammen så kloge på plastic stel.


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