MTB Disco in Granada (Ride Sierra Nevada), day 1

Posted: May 22, 2011 by nimarten in Uncategorized

Landed in sunny Malaga and had a quick brewski before Shaun picked us up heading for Monachil. The mountain views blew us away, and we could not wait to get out and eat some DH tracks. We arrived at our rented Casa Cortijo la Mata in the hillsides of Monachil. A great big house with pool and sunny terraces. Niels and Alex headed for Shauns place to pick up two of our rented bikes. Shaun lived on the opposite mountainside in a garden of eden. Maaan what a cosy place with olive, almond, cherry and orange trees and much more. Biking down from Shauns place to the Cortijo was a hillarious drive down steep asfalt roads. Had a pool party under the stars before hitting the bunkers, ready for a day in the saddle…


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