MTB Grenada (Ride Sierra Nevada), day 6

Posted: May 22, 2011 by nimarten in Uncategorized

We started out with much anticipation on our second ride with Shaun from “Ride Sierra Nevada”. Gathered in Monachil Pueblo and took the van up the mountains near the mountain ski resort of Sierra Nevada. Started riding on some of the World Cup track from 2000 which was very very nice and tough XC located in pine forrest. We had the company of two Norwegian guys and an Aussie dude who all rode very well compared to us flatland Danes. 🙂 Got into some more rough Downhill action and had a lot of flat tyres along the way. All the stops were frustrating to our guide (since he was the one repairing) but nice for the rest of us, since we had the opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of the mountain range. At one point there was a downhill section which was so steep that you either rode down that mother… or pulled your bike. Shaun and Paul (the aussie)) rode down without the blink of an eye. But all us Danes stopped and contemplated the situation. After thinking twice, Niels rode down the steep section, got off the track half way down and did the rest of the section half lying down like a speedway rider. F…. that was a close call but ended without crashing but with a flat tyre. The rest of the crew understandably pulled down their bikes after watching a near-crash situation unfolding. Jesper was again the rider of the day, riding uphill like the Devil. He really impressed the rest of the crew again.

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